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Sicilian and Mediterranean inspired food in Rawtenstall

Come and join owner Ignazio Pillitteri, his son Michele, head chef Katrina Kenny and the rest of the team at A'Vucciria. Using Ignazio's knowledge of Sicilian street food and Michele's deep interest in food and drink, they have created simple and bold Italian inspired dishes. They use the best of modern and traditional Italian flavours, drawing inspiration from local and authentic Sicilian produce in their dishes.

Their vast selection of drinks includes wines from different countries around the world, with their main interest being on Italian and Sicilian wines. They have a perfectly selected drinks menu with bespoke Italian Craft Beer and Cider with a well crafted selection of Gin, Aperitifs and Cocktails which embrace Italian flavours.

Whether you're nipping in for a casual bite at the bar or looking to have the ultimate dining experience, you will be given the experience of Palermo's A'Vucciria market. They don't take bookings so just step in off the street and enjoy.

01706 941407

17 Bank Street

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