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10% off social dining Sunday - Thursday from 5pm (from 12pm on Sundays)

Serving brunch, lunch & dinner

350 years of history surround this modest little building on one of Preston's oldest streets. PLAU was previously 'The Plough Inn' which served it's last pint nearly 100 years ago. Now, after almost 4 years of renovation, restoration and re-imagination PLAU once again serves quality ale along with a large selection of craft beer, hand crafted cocktails, gin, rum, wine & whisky. Meander through the building and venture down beneath street level and you will find the vaulted cellars. These once housed a dram shop where the working class of Preston would've purchased liquor in the 1800's. Within this red brick room is one of Preston's oldest structures, lost in time with no records. A 40ft deep Medieval Water Well. It's a sight like no other, will you dare stand on the glass?

Continue following the winding corridors and stairways upstairs, pass a cabinet that displays many of the artefacts we found when excavating the vaults, water well and what fell beneath floorboards over the past centuries. Finally, you will be greeted by a beautiful ornate dining room. Food is served every day at PLAU, with breakfast starting at 10am. Dinner service is based around a social dining experience where a huge selection of small plates makes up the menu, with no shortage of flavours or variety.

Read more into the history, view the menus and book a table at

01772 561404

115 Friargate

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