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Starting from humble beginnings as a simple milkshake bar, Ellis's was established by owner Kyle back in 2014 and has been growing every year since. Armed with nothing but a blender, an ice cream scoop and a passion to bring something different to the town of Burnley - their journey began. 


Kyle's insatiable appetite to bring a 'big city' vibe to Burnley and continue to innovate has lead Ellis's to continuously grow - now offering up a selection of ridiculously awesome tasting burgers and loaded fries - all the while ensuring they have put their own unique stamp on all recipes used. 


Their main goal is to bring a damn good feed to the people of Burnley and offer up something a little different. Let's be honest - a lot of places churn out average food with the sole goal of making as much money as possible. They want to make you smile. They want you to feel like a kid again with a burger as big as your head. They want you to sit back in a relaxed atmosphere, listen to good music and slurp your milkshake until you get brain freeze. Most of all - they want to make you happy! 


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18 Standish Street
BB11 1AP
07853 744264