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Scandinavian coffee shop

Joshua and Chloe created Holm after deciding that they would love to open up a coffee shop of their own. They both have a love for all things Nordic. Holm is an old English word for small island or islet off the coast of the mainland. In that sense, Chloe and Josh hope that Holm will too become a place off the main high street that offers an escape from the everyday through food, drink and new experiences.

With backgrounds in catering, management and graphic design, they used their skills to build Holm with their own hands and they can't wait to show you what they made.

They both understand that really good coffee needs a really good cake and pastries, and they pride themselves on the quality of both! With a small menu of open sandwiches and special delicacies, their menu is small but perfectly formed, perfect for lunch in Lancaster.

They're also passionate about providing opportunities for local creatives, giving a chance for people to showcase and sell their creations. At the back of their coffee shop they have a small shop where they stock ceramics, jewellery, prints, stationery, zines, small press and more! If you're interested in stocking your designs please do get in touch, they would love to have you in Lancaster's newest designer and artist led shop!

They both want to use Holm as a hub for local creatives and skilled individuals to showcase their talents as well as their art, so in the afternoons and evenings they'll be hosting workshops in everything from screenprinting to business management, from poetry to beginner guitar classes.

22 King Street

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