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Cardholders pay £5 for their first class


Laura is a yoga instructor currently teaching many different styles of classes in Burnley and surrounding areas.  She has a passion for wanting to share her love of all things yoga, travel, recipes and lifestyle to as many people as she can in the hope that this will help you in the same way it really helped her.

"As a person who has struggled with weight gain and feelings of insecurity from being a teenager, it took me a few years to feel comfortable attending classes. Aside from my weight it was also quite daunting trying to learn the different names of poses and figuring out how to move into these new positions without becoming self-conscious and mentally building a feeling that yoga was not for me."

"After learning a lot about myself, lifestyle, food, fitness, health and mindfulness I am currently at a place where I want to spread this knowledge to people who want and perhaps need it."


Visit Laura's website where you’ll find information on her classes, the styles of classes, workshops, healthy recipes and blog posts breaking down yoga poses and how they can benefit you.


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