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Love Health & Wellbeing


10% off in store

Health & wellbeing at its best

Love Health & Wellbeing are a family-run business who are proud to be independent. One of their keys values are to support local & independent producers and suppliers by stocking their products.

At Love Health & Wellbeing, they are focused on providing you with the very best health and wellbeing products and knowledge around.

Not like any other high street retailer, they are focused on bringing you quality products at low prices to keep you and your pocket healthy.

With the highest levels of customer service, they can deal with customers individual needs and will do everything they can to meet your expectations.

With a variety of vitamins, minerals, supplements and healthy foods to choose from, they are sure you will be happy shopping with them and the knowledge you receive from their trained team.

01695 556878

Unit 19

Concourse Shopping Centre



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