longridge alpacas

Alpaca experiences and walks.


Josie and her four alpaca boys are based in Whittingham and would love to meet you!  Read more about Josie's story in our blog.

Alpaca experiences are available for two or four people, where you get to feed, cuddle and walk the alpacas.  Take a walk in the neighbouring fields and get the chance to handle these amazing creatures, who have been halter and lead-trained by Josie.  On return, you will feed them and have some refreshments yourselves.

Meet and greets are also available, and are ideal for those who are unable to take an alpaca for a walk.  Get to know them, give them some food and a stroke and enjoy a drink afterwards.  

Planning a wedding?  Get in touch to find out more about booking Josie and her alpacas for your special day.


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