Louisa Brown holistic therapy

Helping you heal mind, body and soul.


At Louisa Brown Holistic therapies we help you if you are in pain, suffering from stress, anxiety or looking for a ways to manage chronic illness or a super busy life.

Sometimes things get on top of you and you suddenly decide that things cant go on the way they have been, you may be the type of person that always looks after everybody else and never yourself and then you find yourself stressed or ill and realise that actually I need to look after myself for a change! Maybe you are off work with stress or have suffered with anxiety for a long period of time and have decided that it's time to do something to help. What you realise is that your family isn't getting the best version of you, it's getting the snappy, not at my best, just struggling along, tired version of you. 

Maybe you have been suffering from back, neck or shoulder pain for some time and have decided that being in constant pain and not being able to sleep, drive or pick up your children is no longer an option. 

If this is you then you're in the right place.
We help you restore calm, let go of tension, give you some 'you time' and help restore you back to your best self.  Everything we use in our treatment rooms is organic and we use organic coconut oil as our massage oil.


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21 Knowsley Road
L39 4RB