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Pip's Pet Pantry

5% off (minimum spend £30)


Premium quality nutritional dog food

Your pet's diet is paramount to their well being. Diet affects digestion, skin, coat, joints, mobility, eyes, teeth and even their temperament and personality, causing unnecessary stress and expense to you their pet parent.

In 2017 Pip set up her own pet food brand using her experience in the industry, knowing she could provide exceptional quality products at a realistic price to her customers.

Customers can expect:

Exceptional quality finished products, made in Lancashire using high quality raw ingredients which can be traced back to the farm or fishery.

Excellent customer service, feeding and nutritional advice.

Value for money – customers upgrading to Pip’s Pet Pantry from a lower grade/quality food will save money in the long run as your pet will live a longer, happier life with fewer vets bills.

Delivered directly to your door within 48 hours

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