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The Ribble Valley Gin Company

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Quintessentially British gin distilled and crafted in the Ribble Valley

Luke & Justine decided to start their own distillery as avid gin lovers, and wanted to create something that was their own and reflected themselves. So after almost 12 months of behind the scenes tasting, testing, designing and research, they came up with their signature 'Little Lane gin' which really is a mix of both of their tastes so perfectly reflects themselves.

The inspiration behind their gin is the British countryside, and count themselves so lucky to live in the Ribble Valley, which is such a beautiful area. They really wanted to create a gin that showcased all they have around them, as the Ribble Valley is well known for its artisan, rural and innovative produce, they wanted to add to that with their earthy, floral gin.

Their distillery is a stone outhouse, built in 1888 and was originally used as a piggery. With it having so much history and standing for over 130 years, they really wanted to keep as many original features as possible. They love their no frills, beautiful little distillery on 'Little Lane'.

They use an 83-litre column still for their gin and vapour infuse their botanicals for a smooth finish. The botanicals used include juniper, coriander, angelica root, orris root, oak bark, blackberry Leaves, stinging nettles, meadowsweet, heather flowers, hawthorn berries, lime leaves and Roman chamomile. Their chosen botanical profile reflects the British countryside and if you went for a walk, you could easily spot these on your journey.


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