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Cottonwick Candle Crowdfunder

Liz, the founder of Cottonwick Candle Co lives in Hutton, Preston makes luxury handmade candles and wax melts for people who admire artisan products with a touch of simple elegance.

"I became interested in candle making in 2019 after discovering that the majority of candles found on our high streets either contained paraffin, which releases toxic fumes into the air while burning, or soy which is responsible for the majority of deforestation that has occurred in South America."

In light of this, Liz began to only use clean burning candles that contained premium ingredients and were sustainably sourced. Consequently, these premium candles also came with premium price tags and this inspired her to create her own luxury candle brand. Her candles use rapeseed wax, which is grown in the UK & Europe, 100% sustainable and vegan friendly. She also incorporates recyclable materials and reusable packaging wherever possible.

Liz is looking for crowdfunder support to develop the business she has created herself. "I have completely run out of usable work and storage space at home. So it's time to grab the proverbial bull by the horns and expand my business by moving operations from my home into a workshop".

For further information, visit her crowdfunding page.


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