soul furniture

Bespoke handmade furniture from reclaimed and upcycled items.


Soul Furniture make bespoke handmade furniture from reclaimed wood and upcycled items.  With their unique design and joinery skills, they make your ideas into a reality.

Annie & Shaun want to make items that you will love in your home and hand down for generations, tell stories about, live with, use daily, and adore. By taking wood that has been discarded and breathing new life into it, they make items with you and for you to enhance your home.

Annie has never been happy with the throw away society and believe items of furniture should be like family and friends, not something to change each season or discard because of it's poor quality or that it was 'never the right thing in the first place'....

Come and have a chat and tell Annie what you would like and create something beautiful together. It's better than buying something everyone else has and you'll never be quite happy with, as it wasn't quite what you had in mind!

Their shop in Carnforth also showcases items from a wide range of local craftspeople and artists.


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4a Preston Street
07790 895046
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