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Plastic-free refill shop.

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Following a visit to her usual supermarket, Claire had a lightning bolt moment whilst unpacking the shopping and was horrified at the amount of plastic packaging. This lead her to start looking for ways to reduce her plastic consumption. She soon came across the idea of a refill shop but didn't have one close to her home so she decided to open her own!

On 30th August 2019, Claire opened the doors of Turtle Bee in Great Harwood, and has been overwhelmed by the support of the local community! People have brought in anything from takeaway containers to cheese wrappers to gin bottles to refill! Every item refilled is one less piece of packaging which ends up in landfill, rivers or the ocean.

Alongside the foods and household refills, she also stocks various items to help you lead a more plastic-free lifestyle. Anything from shampoo bars to metal straws. Each small swap makes a difference!


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86 Queen Street
Great Harwood
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