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Casa Rastelli

20% off food Monday - Thursday


A little taste of Italy

Casa Rastelli is a family-run Italian-style café in the bustling heart of Lancaster city centre. As an exciting, independent food and drink venue, they pride themselves on offering great value-for-money and excellent customer service and, most importantly, a delicious taste of Italy on a plate.

One of the things their customers love most about their café is the extraordinary range of food and drinks on offer. So, whether you’re looking for friendly surroundings for a warming cup of freshly-ground coffee, a pit-stop for a pizza with friends, or a delicious lunch to take away with you, Casa Rastelli is the place to come.

Many of their dishes are gluten and dairy free; so, if you’re frustrated at having to say no to cakes, pastries and pizzas, they think you’ll be pleasantly surprised. They also boast a tempting selection of local produce – so, if you prefer to spend your money with businesses residing in your own community, you can support local traders while treating yourself to terrific-tasting food at the same time.

They also know that many of their customers can’t spend as much time with them as they’d like, hence they offer a take-out service, as well as the option to order lunch for your office.

So, step through the doors of Casa Rastelli and come and experience Lancaster’s best-tasting home-cooked food.

01524 843339

Unit 24
8 Market St
St Nicholas Arcades

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