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Lune Living

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Sustainable, stylish bedding and interior accessories

Imagine climbing into bed, under the the softest bedding you've ever experienced. Lune Living have created their own super-soft bamboo fabric especially for you. They use fabric bags and ties instead of buttons to ensure that it’s a totally plastic-free product. The only problem is, you'll never want to leave your bed...

Bamboo is better for our world and better for your home. Some might consider bamboo as a niche product or an unusual alternative to the standard mass-market textiles you’ll find in any family home. Lune Living think that’s set to change: they think it will soon be as common as cotton.

That’s because bamboo fabric is a better product all round. It’s better for the planet – using less resources and doing less damage. And it’s better for you, too – long-lasting bedding that’s skin-kind and naturally healthy for the whole family. As more and more people enjoy its feel and its quality, it won’t be long before every household sleeps on bamboo bedding.

Lune Living also offer a stunning range of cushions, throws and accessories for the home with a focus on sustainability as well as style.

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The Barn
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