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Meet the Independents: Applejacks Microbar

Over 20 years ago, we opened as a family run greengrocers which remained successful throughout the years. We had our regular customers and delivered to those local around the area. As times have changed, more people do their shopping online & a few supermarkets came along. As a small, local business we decided it was time to ‘get with the times’.

The idea of a Microbar came as a joke from our Son-In-Law but after giving it some thought, decided to make the change! We worked on the process month’s before closing the greengrocers as of course, had to get permission and get the licences in place.

We closed Applejacks as a greengrocers on 20th January 2019 and reopened as a Microbar on Thursday 14th February to close family and friends, and Friday 15th February to the general public.

Husband and wife, this is still very much a family run business, with help from their daughter Ashleigh on Monday evenings & weekends. She also takes care of Social Media & with a personal licence, she can now let us have time off and have a well deserved break from time to time!

We serve coffee and cake during the day & our coffee machine is from Rijo. We also offer cake from Lathams, Cheesecake from ‘The Cheesecake’ who is based in Longridge & Indulgence (Cakes & Treats) who is also based in Longridge.

We have rotating cask ales but a permanent offering of Applejacks blonde ale and cider. We also have plenty of flavoured gins, prosecco, cider and soft drinks.

Thank you for your support, it has been the best decision made and we hope to continue being successful in years to come!


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