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Wild Fox Distillery


Free copper pouring spout with each order made online

Lancashire spirited & copper pot distilled gin

Handcrafted premium small batch gin, in the countryside of Lancashire, distilled in their bespoke made copper pot still, Ivy.

Infused with 9 carefully selected botanicals growing wild on the family farm and the finest harvests from around the world. Beautifully balanced flavour profile, pops of juniper spruce, warmth from cassia, crisp notes from their fresh harvests and the perfect amount of sweetness given from their raspberry leaves.

Full of Lancashire spirit, a wild & bold flavour which speaks for itself. Beautifully paired with plenty of ice and a twist of unwaxed lemon peel Wild Fox Gin is distilled by hand, bottled by hand, labelled by hand and selected for you by hand.

01995 641136

Little Willows
Button Street

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